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  • 16 March, 2018

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Cross Culture Adaptability: Key to Your Success in a Global World


ODE Consulting® Pte Ltd

Program Overview

Does your team consist of people from different countries and diverse national cultures? Is your business expanding and operating in various countries? Are you sending your top leaders to lead operations in new markets? Join us in this seminar to: - Understand Cross Culture Orientation & how it could #Future-Proof your leaders & organization - Learn more about the NEW 6th Cultural Dimension - Meet leading experts in the field of cross-cultural research endorsed by Professor Geert Hofstede - Understand how Top MNCs leveraged the Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ for its international operations Date: 16th March 2018 Time: 9 am to 130 pm Visit the link to register and for more information:


Topic 1 Cross-culture
Topic 2 Leadership