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  • 12-13 April, 2018

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Design Thinking for Business Growth


Singapore Training and Development Association

Program Overview

This 2-day workshop empowers participants to embrace the principles and practice the methodology of Design Thinking in order to better support fellow colleagues’ needs as internal customers to one another in an organisation; this is known as lateral service and is the key to unifying your employees. Such a mindset shift in the organisation will create happy employees whom will be able to ensure that your external customers are happy with your company. In order to satisfy the external customer, Design Thinking is needed to break down silos in the organisation so as to encourage departments to work synergistically together as internal customers to each other in order to come up with service innovations that will leave lasting positive memories for the external customers. It is these positive memories that customers remember and adore a company thus becoming their loyal fans - this is the only thing that defines an organisation’s success. Design Thinking can be as effective in service-driven businesses as it should be in product dominant ones. It always result in new services for external customers or improved processes and productivity gains for internal customers. If applied with equal fervor, it transforms HR, finance, marketing, or operations teams—turning them into lean and agile profit centers. LEARNING OBJECTIVES This workshop will share with you through a blend of interactive mini-lectures, group work, individual practice and class discussions to enable you to:

  • Apply the powerful concept of internal customer lateral service in order to unify employees as each other’s customers in order to satisfy the external customer.
  • Apply insightful Empathy tools to understand what matters most to external customer thus uncovering their common unknown need.
  • Apply unique Ideation tools to transform Wild ideas to Wow concepts to meet those unknown needs.
  • Practice the art of prototyping in order to test and refine the customer’s service experience journey early.
  • Master the techniques and tools of Co-creating Service Evidence and what it takes to create positive service memories; so as to generate positive word-of-mouth marketing.

    Day 1 AM
  • The customer-centric mindset: Who are Internal and External Customers and How do we Unify internal customers in order to satisfy external customer
  • Introduction to Design Thinking: Design Thinking’s approach to creating service concept
  • Empathy study for WOW services: Sharing of business and education cases
  • An empathy activity: Field exercise on photo journalling

  • Day 1 PM
  • A photo interview activity
  • Qualitative data analysis of stories gathered in the photo interview to uncover “deep” customer insights.

  • Day 2 AM
  • Ideation for WOW services: ideating on the unmet need
  • An ideation activity: Seeing possibilities and creating ideas from your passion and life experiences
  • Conceptualisation: connecting ideas to form a service concept
  • A conceptualisation activity: bringing ideas together

  • Day 2 PM
  • Prototyping: Bringing the service concept to life!
  • Service Evidencing: Co-creating a trail of magical moments to tangibilize service
  • Team Presentation of their prototyped Service Concepts