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  • 12 meetings

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  • Beginner

  • 14-15 May, 2018

  • Productivity
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Grammar for Effective Communication


Singapore Training and Development Association

Program Overview

Grammar for Effective Communication is a practical course in applying English grammar form and usage to written and spoken English. Participants will benefit from an in-depth refresher on key aspects of grammar usage to sharpen their spoken and written communications. ​ By the end of the workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Speak and write following accepted conventions and rules of Standard English
  • Use correct grammar to develop fluency in spoken and written Standard English
  • Structure phrases, clauses, and sentences confidently
  • Demonstrate good word choice and order in sentences to produce clear, concise, and coherent writing
  • Express oneself grammatically in writing and speaking

  • Training Methodology:
    Active, learner-centred training using a wide variety of interactive and communicative activities for individuals, pairs, and groups: self-assessments, grammar exercises, grammar games, and peer teaching


    Topic 1 Elements of grammar
    Topic 2 Role of grammar in communication
    Topic 3 Parts of speech
    Topic 4 Verb tenses
    Topic 5 Verb types — auxiliaries, modals, phrasal verbs
    Topic 6 Verb power in communication
    Topic 7 Subject-verb agreement
    Topic 8 Phrases, clauses, sentences
    Topic 9 Sentence structure and types
    Topic 10 Active and passive voice
    Topic 11 Misplaced and dangling modifiers
    Topic 12 Common grammatical mistakes