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  • 12 July, 2018

  • Employee Engagement
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Managing the Millennial Workforce Beyond 2020


Stevenson Huréca Pte Ltd

Program Overview

The world has changed and we are living in a rapidly changing global workplace. In the next decade, most of the organisation will have an average of 70% millennials in their workforce. Organizations that focus their efforts and learn to “connect” to the Millennial Generation will be able to guarantee their success in the future. This workshop is designed for those organizations who want to deal with a unique new workforce. During the workshop, you will create an effective action plan to deal with your real environment and make it conducive for the multigenerational workforce to thrive. Benefits of Attending Participants in this workshop and their sponsoring organisations will see direct benefits including: • Learn to understand that Gen Y and Millennials are unique • Discover and identify Millennials’ work attitudes and behaviours; social dimension and motivation • Learn best practices on multi-generational employees’ engagement and performance management especially involving Gen-Y employees and Millennials. • How to adjust approaches and adopt gradual change in work policies and environment to suit Millennials • Learn how leading companies adopt best practices to engage Gen-Ys with greater ease and effectiveness. Watch our video https://www.stevenson.com.sg/videos Facilitator Dianna Lane has trained over 6000 professionals, adults and students over the past 10 years. Courses include Leadership and Teambuilding courses using Kouzers and Posner’s Leadership Challenge Model and Emergenetics Psychological Profiling Instruments, Accelerated Learning, Lifeskills Training and Creative Problem Solving Methodologies preparing individuals for Innovation Award Competitions. Dianna was personally trained by Harvard PhD, Geil Browning of Emergenetics International and certified in the Emergenetics Profiling Instrument. Dianna also trained under internationally renowned trainers Bob Pike and Thiagi in their Train the Trainer Bootcamp and Interactive Training Strategies for Improving Performance courses. Dianna incorporates numerous neuroscience-based and creative training techniques in her training to enhance engagement, effectiveness, retention and application. Some of Corporate Clients engaged include: HBO Asia, Unity Technologies, IDA, EDB, B Braun, Jurong Health, Bank BNP, Paribas, Exxon Mobil, Mercer, MAS, and BAT


Topic 1 Understanding Millennials and Why they are Unique
Topic 2 Identifying the behaviour gaps within the multigenerational workforce ( Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials)
Topic 3 Millennial Employees –How to manage/motivate them
Topic 4 Learn the 4 Steps to win over Millennials – Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose and Connectedness
Topic 5 The reality of Work policies and Review workplace policies and environment versus Millennial’s ideals and develop strategies to ensure retention