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  • 27 October - 01 June, 2018

  • Finance
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Private Equity & Venture Capital (PEVC)



Program Overview

There has been a growing interest in the private equity & venture capital (PEVC) industry over the past decade. This has been fueled by the growth of several successful and well known start-ups like Uber, Facebook, AirBnb, and many others. Banks, pension funds, hedge funds, high net worth individuals are investing billions in the PEVC sector and yet have limited understanding of this sectors. Learning Outcomes Participants should be able to: • Participants will have a basic, but yet thorough insight to the PEVC industry. • They will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to engage clients in conversations pertaining to the industry. • Participants will benefit from this programme as they will know how to structure a complete investment portfolio that includes traditional assets and alternative investments for their clients Programme Outline The course content is divided into 2 units, which are then broken down into multiple subtopics: 1. Funds • The Funding Process • Cost of Funds 2. Private Equity • Structure • Risks & Returns