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  • 21 March, 2018

  • Science of Learning
  • Time: 1.30 PM - 5.30 PM Venue: Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) 463 Clementi Rd, Singapore 599494 Blk C, Level 5, Room 7 (C5.07) REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.
Reimagining Workplace Learning & Performance


Singapore Training and Development Association

Program Overview

In today's highly disruptive and dynamic environment, workplace learning can no longer rely solely in the formal classroom. The need to adapt quickly, ensure relevant learning content and knowledge transfer to stay competitive means that we need to re-imagine how learning is conducted in the organisation. Organisation culture also play a key role in creating value for employees and empowering them to find right tools and content through self-directed learning that leads to increased workplace performance. Hear from our industry experts and seasoned practitioners in this half-day seminar as they share their strategies in ensuring relevant workplace learning, and boosting employee performance. -------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA 1.30 PM: Registration 2.00 PM: Startup Value Creation (Jeremy Geiger, Vice-President, Foursquare) 2.45 PM: Creating a Learning Organization (Dr. Wang Jiu Wen, Human Resource Management Programme, SUSS) 3.30 PM: Coffee/Tea Break & Networking 3.45 PM: Panel Discussion – Adopting Learning Analytics & Technologies in the Workplace (Panelist: Chan Earn Meng, Director, HR, Sunray Woodwork Construction & Amanda Yap, Manager, People Development, Changi Airport Group) 4.30 PM: Training for 21st Century Skills with Blended Learning (Brian O’Dwyer, CEO, Cognalearn) -------------------------------------------------------------- SYNOPSIS Startup Value Creation Start-ups create real financial value for shareholders out of nothing. One critical factor to succeed is ensuring that employees recognize their significance to the company's success and making that real through the issuance of stock options, so they are indeed shareholders themselves. Mr. Geiger has generated over $50M in value by successfully starting-up a dozen new technology organizations around the world.  He will share insights into his approach to defining employee roles, writing job descriptions, hiring, issuing stock options, and developing employees. Creating a Learning Organization Traditionally, organizations have focused on learning that occurs through formal training and development programs. However, the realities of today’s workplace suggest that it is difficult for organizations to rely mainly on formal programs for developing human capital. In fact, based on one estimate, informal rather than formal learning accounts for up to 75 percent of learning within organization. This talk discusses informal learning in the workplace, and proposes strategies for organizations to create a learning culture that encourages informal learning. Training for 21st Century Skills with Blended Learning Higher education understands the value of blended learning - where much knowledge transfer takes place outside the classroom, and time together is used for application and practice. But how about organizations? What happens if your learners are not full-time students, but full-time employees? Can blended learning work then? Brian O'Dwyer says it can. Organizations face a challenge today. They know their highly-skilled people provide a competitive advantage. Yet traditional training methods cannot keep up with the pace of work today. Formal, lecture-based delivery is an ineffective way to keep skills up-to-date. Simple 'click-next’ online learning is little better. In this presentation Brian O’Dwyer draws on practical experience to describe how to mix online and face-to-face experience to create an active form of learning that engages employees and works. - Why learning done right is not trainer-centred - Flipping the classroom in the corporate environment - The importance of data analytics - Using the team to support and drive learning - How review and testing form a crucial part of the process.


Topic 1 Startup Value Creation
Topic 2 Creating a Learning Organization
Topic 3 Panel Discussion – Adopting Learning Analytics & Technologies in the Workplace
Topic 4 Training for 21st Century Skills with Blended Learning