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  • 01-02 August, 2018

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Service Thinking Design Workshop


Singapore Training and Development Association

Program Overview

Everyday your customers embark on a journey with your brand and services. As the saying goes “Put yourself in someone’s shoes, and see how it feels”, the best way to learn about your customers is to understand, empathize and gain their point of view. Service Design Thinking Workshop offers an immersive introduction to the concept and practice of design thinking for services. You will understand why Design Thinking is the go-to method for innovating services across industries, and learn how to apply it according to your needs. In this 2 days hands-on workshop, we will guide you through the entire design thinking process from understanding the target audience, discovering their needs, creating a solution, and testing it. You will acquire practical tools to take back to your work, including research methods, synthesis approaches, user journey mapping, rapid ideation, and prototyping techniques. The workshop is organised to be interactive, with a mixture of lectures, group activities and class discussions so you can learn-by-doing in a highly engaging and collaborative environment. You will also receive a Service Design Thinking Toolkit that will aid you throughout and after the workshop. Learners who go through Service Design Thinking Workshop Program will benefit from the following learning outcomes: - Learn the systematic method to solve problems, unleash creativity and test ideas. - Learn how to deep dive problems to identify underlying and latent challenges/ needs to solve. - Learn how to generate ideas quickly and freely. - Gain the ability to frame problems differently to find breakthrough solutions. About the Facilitator Yulia Saksen is the founder and director of an award-winning interdisciplinary creative consultancy based in Singapore, Milan and Jakarta. Yulia also founded C-Academy, the educational arm of Creativeans Pte Ltd. She believes, in today’s reality demands innovation, and companies need to play a leading role in redesigning their business strategies and maintain competitiveness through constant upgrading of the skills and knowledge of their people. And under her leadership, C-Academy provides a wide range of well designed programmes specifically catered for business organisations with different training needs. It aims at equipping businesses with a systematic process of creative skills that empowers even the most traditional thinker with the ability to develop new, innovative solutions to solve real problems. Yulia specialises in customer-centric design methodology and design thinking. As a Singapore certified management consultant, designer, educator and a business owner herself, she transforms client’s businesses into creative brands. A frequent speaker in these topics, Yulia alongside Kimming Yap and Judy Tham co-authored the brand book with less industry jargon Are You Brand Dead?: The Creativeans BrandBuilder™ Approach to Building Your Brand; making the mystifying topic of Branding an easy to understand even for a non-designer. Yulia is a recipient of multiple design and business awards. She has collaborated with partners across a broad range of industries, including consumer goods, healthcare, beauty, food & beverage, technology, furniture, industrial, retail and government. She received Double Master Degree in Design from the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.