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Science Behind Success™


Kraukman Inc.

Program Overview

The Science Behind Success™ method is used by leaders of different levels to create cultures of high performance. We specialize in growing your leadership pipeline. Your emerging leaders and middle managers will be exposed to the mindset and tools to be enterprise leaders. You will learn how to accelerate results, build engagement, influence others and create the conditions for success in your company. Let's make leadership make sense. You will gain a greater awareness of what you want to create as a leader in your business. You will walk away armed with the skills, tools and resources to make it happen. The Leader Brain: How do you develop new skills? We introduce the neuroscience of leadership so you can understand things like why change is hard and why people don’t leave bad organizations, they leave bad bosses. You'll also learn the critical ingredients to developing yourself and the people in your business. The Leader Muscle: The laws of growth help participants understand the bio-mechanical ingredients for maximal development. How physiology plays a significant role in helping you shape the mindset needed to navigate modern organizational turbulence, build resiliency and drive innovation. The Leader Virus: There is a science and structure to the behaviors that spread throughout your organization. Using the science behind social influence and contagion, we enable leaders like you to create deliberate impact through helping clarify your leadership brand and demonstrating behaviors that have a positive ripple effect through the business. The Leader Solution: The fast emerging science of epigenetics acts as a backdrop for you to fully understand the necessary ingredients for creating high-performance cultures. Through understanding the basic mechanism of your environment, you gain an enhanced awareness and accountability of team ownership that drives excellence. You’ll leave with the confidence to shape your environment, the skills to move things forward and the knowledge, awareness and ability to keep assessing, responding and creating results.


Course Info

  • 6 modules

  • 45 minutes

  • Intermediate

  • Leadership
  • 6 Bite-sized videos