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  • 11 January - 28 February, 2018

  • Finance
  • Duration of Course (commencement date: Thurs 11 Jan 2018) 8-week course, 3 hours per week, every Thurs from 7 to 10 pm Venue ACCA Singapore 1 Raffles Quay, #22-10A South Tower, One Raffles Quay Singapore 048583 Contact Details Michael Lee Email: mtclee@singnet.com.sg Mobile: +65 9733-1930
The Finance Managers' Masterclass


The CFO Desk Pte Ltd

Program Overview

The Finance Manager's position is central to any Finance Department. His or her functions and responsibilities can be wide-ranging from providing and interpreting financial information, monitoring cashflows, managing risks, to liaising with auditors, bankers, lawyers and other professionals and keeping abreast with financial standards, regulations and legislation. Admittedly, not all Finance Managers have exposure to all these functions and so there are still knowledge and skill gaps to fill, urgently, because such knowledge and skills may be required at a moment’s notice. This course is designed to fill these gaps and enable the Finance Manager to function confidently and even deliver performance beyond expectations. It also serves as a refresher course for some. Objectives of the Course At the end of the course, the participant will be able to: 1) Fully appreciate the role and responsibilities of the Finance Manager 2) Articulate the accounting framework 3) Enhance financial reporting format and be conversant with the financial reporting regime 4) Manage working capital effectively 5) Prepare and analyse group consolidation of accounts 6) Produce cashflow statement and analyse the flows 7) Perform financial statement analysis and interpretation 8) Understand budgeting and forecasting methods and processes and the LRM model 9) Prepare and present Management and Board papers 10) Design financial models and perform sensitivity analysis 11) Understand selected IFRSs 12) Perform investment appraisal 13) Understand business valuation methods and applications 14) Perform due diligence and M&A exercises 15) Perform corporate funding exercises 16) Prepare business plans 17) Understand and apply “Financial Limits to Growth” model At each session, participants are encouraged to share their work experiences, issues and challenges, relating to the topic in discussion, and in the process, seek advice, coaching and resolution. Who should attend? 1) Newly-appointed Finance Managers 2) Finance Managers who want to widen their scope of knowledge and skill sets 3) CFO-aspirants 4) Finance Managers who seek a refresher course 5) Heads of Finance Department 6) Finance Manager aspirants 7) Finance Managers who want to fill knowledge and experience gaps. 8) Relationship Managers (banks) Methodology This course will be conducted in an environment conducive to learning where lecturer and participant sharing of practical examples/illustrations, and coaching will be applied to reinforce learning. Principal Trainer Profile Michael Matthew Lee is a trainer teacher, lecturer, coach and facilitator, and is himself a life-long learner. Being trained, he is skilful in explaining difficult concepts in a simple and understandable manner. With his more than 40 years of corporate working experience, which include serving as Group CFO of 3 Main Board public-listed groups, and as MD/CEO/COO of various companies across industries, he specialises in Finance and is exposed to senior executive management practices, issues and challenges. He adopts a practical approach to his training and facilitation. Michael Matthew Lee’s credentials are: MBA (Finance, NUS Business School) MBA (Strategic Marketing, University of Hull) BAcc (NUS); DipM (UK);; PDipM (APAC); ACTA; PMC FCA(Singapore); FCPA(Aust); FCCA(UK); FCIM(UK); MSID. Testimonials "Michael injected his experiences into the topics, making the learning more useful for us as there is good linkage to what it means to the business and the everyday work that we handle. A useful and practical course that is not the a-typical classroom learning." Thanks & regards Lim Hui Hui FedEx -------------------------------------------- “Michael is a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer with a breadth of practical experience. In particular, I have found the “Financial limits to Growth” module extremely useful. He has also made lessons very interesting in an otherwise normally dry topic (i.e. accounting) and I would strongly recommend the course to candidates involved in the areas of credit risk management or corporate banking as the reinforcement of accounting and finance concepts is very useful…” JJ Poh Institutional Banking Group Conglomerates & Asian Corporates DBS Asia Central --------------------------------------------


Topic 1 The role of the Finance Manager
Topic 2 The Accounting Framework
Topic 3 Corporate Reporting Regime
Topic 4 Working capital management
Topic 5 Group Consolidation of Accounts
Topic 6 Cashflow Statement
Topic 7 Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation
Topic 8 Budgetting & forecasting
Topic 9 Management and Board papers preparation & presentation
Topic 10 Financial modelling
Topic 11 Selected IFRSs
Topic 12 Investment appraisal
Topic 13 Business valuation
Topic 14 Mergers & acquisitions / Due diligence
Topic 15 Corporate funding
Topic 16 Business plans
Topic 17 Financial limits to growth (FLTG)