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  • 11 meetings

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  • Intermediate

  • 22 March - 31 May, 2018

  • Finance
  • 11-week course (3 hours per week, every Thurs from 7 pm to 10 pm) Venue: TBC
The Aspirant CFO Masterclass (for public-listed company participants)


The CFO Desk Pte Ltd

Program Overview

The CFO’s job is the most challenging and onerous in any company, especially in a public-listed one. Most CFOs are promoted from within the company, and the overriding difficulty in such cases is the full knowledge of the role and functions of a CFO and how to execute them professionally. CFOs engaged from outside the company are better off as they would have learnt the ropes over time, however daunting. Still, the depth and breadth of experience and exposure of each CFO vary, depending very much on the industries they serve, and the opportunities to handle/manage M&A, corporate restructuring, funding, IPO, special projects, and other corporate exercises. This Masterclass is therefore designed to fill these knowledge and skill gaps and enable the CFO to function confidently and execute corporate exercises professionally. It is a hugely practice-based course as case studies are drawn from actual cases managed by the trainer over his more than 40 years of corporate experience as Group CFO and CXO of both Main Board listed companies and non-listed companies. Objectives of the Course At the end of the course, the participant will be able to: 1) Fully appreciate the role and responsibilities of the CFO, both expected & enhanced 2) Know/learn what and how to deliver within the first 6 months as CFO and thereafter. 3) Refresh & enhance knowledge on following topics: a) The accounting framework b) Financial reporting regime, budgeting & forecasting c) Working capital management d) Financial statement analysis & interpretation e) Preparation of Cashflow Statement and analysis thereof f) Preparation of group consolidation of accounts g) Relevant IFRSs h) Financial Modelling 4) Prepare and present Management and Board papers 5) Perform investment appraisal 6) Understand business valuation methods and applications 7) Perform due diligence and M&A exercises 8) Perform corporate funding exercises, including IPO preparation 9) Prepare business plans & conduct feasibility studies 10) Understand and apply “Financial Limits to Growth” model 11) Be conversant with the SGX Listing Requirements and reporting cycle 12) Apply shared services pooling method to achieve a fair allocation of resources to each department/subsidiary 13) Know/learn how to prepare a Corporate Planning (CP) paper using a CP Framework designed by the trainer, to bring the group to its next stage of growth. 14) Know/learn how to create Shareholder Value to enhance performance and value of the enterprise. At each session, participants are encouraged to share their work experiences, issues and challenges, relating to the topic in discussion, and in the process, seek advice, coaching and resolution. Who should attend? 1) Newly-appointed CFOs 2) CFOs who want to widen their scope of knowledge and skill sets 3) CFO-aspirants 4) CFOs who seek a refresher course 5) Heads of Finance Department 6) Finance Manager 7) CFO who want to fill knowledge and experience gaps. 8) Relationship Managers (banks) who need to interface with CFOs Methodology This course will be conducted in an environment conducive to learning where lecturer/trainer and participant sharing of practical examples/illustrations/cases, and coaching will be applied to reinforce learning. Principal Trainer Profile Michael Matthew Lee is a trainer teacher, lecturer, coach and facilitator, and is himself a life-long learner. Being trained, he is skilful in explaining difficult concepts in a simple and understandable manner. With his more than 40 years of corporate working experience, which include serving as Group CFO of 3 Main Board public-listed groups, and as MD/CEO/COO of various companies across industries, he specialises in Finance and is exposed to senior executive management practices, issues and challenges. He adopts a practical approach to his training and facilitation and draws case studies from actual cases he personally managed over his more than 40 years as Group CFO in 3 Main Board public-listed companies and as CXO (MD/CEO/COO) of various companies. Michael Matthew Lee’s credentials are: MBA (Finance, NUS Business School) MBA (Strategic Marketing, University of Hull) BAcc (NUS); DipM (UK);; PDipM (APAC); ACTA; PMC FCA(Singapore); FCPA(Aust); FCCA(UK); FCIM(UK); MSID.


Topic 1 The role and functions of the CFO, Scope of Finance & The Accounting Framework, Corporate Reporting Regime , Working capital management
Topic 2 What & how to deliver in the first 3 months as CFO?, Financial Statement analysis and interpretation, Financial limits to growth (FLTG)
Topic 3 What & how to deliver in the first 6 months as CFO?, Cashflow Statement, Budgetting & forecasting (introducing Linear Regression Model)
Topic 4 What & how to deliver in the first full year as CFO?, Financial modelling, Selected IFRSs
Topic 5 What & how to deliver in the after first year as CFO?, Mergers & acquisitions / Due diligence, Management and Board papers preparation & presentation
Topic 6 Feasibility studies and Business plans, Corporate funding/ IPO preparation, Investment appraisal
Topic 7 Business valuation,Ethics & Governance
Topic 8 Group Consolidation of accounts,Special projects/assignments
Topic 9 SGX Listing Requirements, Event reporting, Public-listed company reporting cycle
Topic 10 Shared service pooling, Shareholder value creation
Topic 11 Corporate Planning, Restructuring of group