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  • 08-09 March, 2018

  • Science of Learning
  • Facilitator Profile Bala Murali Raghavan Managing Director and Learning Architect Agilitas Learning Having lead and driven strategic people and capability development at senior HRD/L&D management roles at regional and globally for top technology companies like Motorola, Nokia and Microsoft, Bala recognises and drives the importance of aligning and delivering people and organizational capabilities that directly impacts and contributes to the overall business strategic goals and long term growth in an ever changing global environment. Since starting Agilitas Learning, Bala has worked with MNCS and SOEs in the Petrochemical, Building, Railway and IT Industries across UK, APAC ,US and MEA in the area of People and leadership capability development and Corporate Learning Organisational build-up. Coupled with his industry leadership in setting-up and managing global learning organizations , one of Bala’s key focus is working with thought leaders and organisations in the evolution of learning and human capital development for the Digital and Social Age. Workshop
Transforming Organisational Learning for the Digital Age


Agilitas Learning

Program Overview

We are on the 4th Industrial Revolution where the current buzz words in the industry is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Augmented Reality ,Cloud Computing, Social collaboration, Cryptocurrencies, Digital transformation .... As industries and markets come to terms on what these means and how to embrace, evolve and do business in this Social and Digital era , there is a growing sense of urgency for organisations to address the people aspect which is critical to its success, on how to identify, equip, develop, lead and manage the workforce of the future. With HR trusted as the strategic partner in driving the human capital development of the future , one of the key challenges being faced is the way learning happens and is engaged in an organisation , with learners being more socially connected and taking ownership of co-creating the learning experience . Thus requiring a shift towards a more democratized , social ,collaborative ,real time learning enabled by digitization. In this 2 day Application based workshop we explore how a Learning organisation of the New World look like , how people learn in this age, the role and blueprint of Learning Organisations and how organisations need to transform and curate their learning culture , strategy , role and build a ecosystem that will enable learning and engagement in the Social & Digital Age.


Topic 1 This workshop will enable the learner to •Identify the current disruptions and challenges facing an organisation in the Social & Digital age •State the evolution of the “Smart Workforce” and changing role of HR •Identify the transformation of Learning and role of 'Corporate University' •Describe the Learning ecosystem required to support the Digital Age •Describe the democratised learning framework and the social collaborative learning architecture •Describe evolution of Learning Design methodology and Learning Curation. •Identify the new technology and solutions (VR/AR/MR) enabling the digital learning experience •State the new skills and behaviours required for L&D to drive Social and Digital learning •Identify and create a High level Digital readiness plan to build and or transition current organizational learning for the Digital Age.