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  • 22 February, 2018

  • Employee Engagement
  • This is a webinar series. Time: 9.00 AM - 10.00 AM (Singapore Time, GMT +8) Speakers: Drs. Anna Tavis, Ph.D & Lewis Garrad, Ph.D.
The End of Talent Management and What to Do About It


Singapore Training and Development Association

Program Overview

Some of us in HR would argue that classic Talent Management has passed its prime. If a decade ago talent calibrations and the 9-Box grids were all the rage and high potentials (HiPos) ruled the management universe, the conversation today has shifted to the more inclusive models of managing people. Employee engagement, organizational culture, gender and racial equity in the workplace are the themes of today. Implicit biases have been brought to light, performance ratings have been challenged and continuous feedback and “manager as a coach” approaches aim at lifting everyone’s performance. Organizations hire for growth mindset and set up choice architectures for employees to do the right thing without the administrative coercion. Will Talent Management as a practice survive and what might it look like in the organizations of the future? In this Webinar, Drs. Anna Tavis, Ph.D. and Lewis Garrad, Ph.D. will offer their thoughts on how organizations will be managing their talent in the decades to come. Dr. Anna Tavis is Associate Professor of Human Capital Management at New York University, senior lecturer at the Latin American Business School, and the Executive Director for the Innovation Radar Network with Executive Networks. Lewis Garrad is Managing Director of Mercer | Sirota, Asia Pacific.