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  • 5 meetings

  • 0 hour/meeting

  • Intermediate

  • 22-23 March, 2018

  • Leadership
  • Course fee includes program fee, food & 6 weeks of coaching by the facilitators. Venue is in Singapore.
UNPREDICT - The Futuring Program


361Degree Minds

Program Overview

Stop Predicting the future. Experience UNPREDICT, Our signature program on preparing for the future in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World. The program will help you map the future: - Framing Change - Seeing the shape of changes - Peeking into the Future - Making sense of emerging responses to change - Constructing the Future - Imagining & Immersing in alternative futures - Turning Tomorrow into Today - Adapting tomorrow's vision into today's reality - Understanding the 'Foresight - Insight - Action' Cycle Who will help you with Futuring: Manoj Fenelon Manoj is a global citizen and his work is to bring people together to co-imagine mutually desirable futures, as part of building a world that works for everyone. Amongst other things, he is a certified Strategic Foresight trainer and holds degrees in Communication Science (University of Connecticut, 1998) & Management Studies (BITS Pilani, 1993). He is a First Mover Fellow at the Aspen Institute, a former director of innovation & foresight at PepsiCo and lead facilitator for the flagship program innovate - NYC with New York Area. C P Gopinathan Gopi is a prolific teacher, facilitator, educator and entrepreneur. He has over the past two decades been a mentor-trainer for leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, scientists and even students. He understands Adult Learning Science in a deep and insightful manner. He is also a strategic advisor to several corporate organizations in envisioning, goal setting and executing interventions. He is a Management Graduate from BITS Pilani, 1991 and a prolific Guest Speaker at International events. Learn more: http://unpredict.361learning.com/


Topic 1 Framing Change
Topic 2 Peeking into the Future
Topic 3 Constructing the Future
Topic 4 Turning Tomorrow into Today
Topic 5 Understanding the 'Foresight - Insight - Action' Cycle