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  • 30 May, 2018

  • Employee Engagement
  • Date/Time: 30 May 18 (Wed) 9am-5pm, Venue: Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, Singapore Workshop Fee: S$590.00 per person Early Bird: S$490.00 before 30 Apr 18 Group discount of 3 or more persons is available. Email us at rita@synapsiatraining.com or call Eric 90284770 About the Speaker Greg Barnes is the founder of the Click! Colours profiling system. He is an author, speaker, consultant who lives in Perth, Western Australia. Since 1987, global organisations suchas American Express, BHP Billiton, British Telecom, Chevron, McDonald’s and Starbucks have benefited from his expertise at building high performance leadership teams. Greg brings his invaluable mix of 'hands on' experience building and coaching world class teams in both the corporate and sporting arenas. Growing up in Hong Kong, completing marathons, an expedition to the Himalayas and swimming the English Channel have combined with his ‘near death’ experiences to create a mindset that is as unique and diverse as the books he writes.
Guru Seminar: Why You Click with Some People and Others Drive You Crazy by Greg Barnes


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Good people relationships create the foundation for success – for the individual and for the organisation. A person tends to find favour with his friends and colleagues if he or she is well liked and is able to click with others easily. But how do we build relationships with people we don’t seem to get along with? Human behaviour is very complex, but psychologists have been able to identify common patterns of behaviour. Recognising these patterns helps us understand what makes people ‘tick’, and what we need to do to communicate effectively with them. We have invited Mr Greg Barnes to Singapore, Founder of the Click! Colours tool, to help you discover your true colours. In this exclusive one day Seminar, you will understand why you behave the way you do and how you can quickly build great relationships with your boss, colleagues, customers and loved ones. The power of the Click! Colours lies in its simplicity. People tend to learn the most when they are playing games and having fun. They get to walk-through and experience their own behavior while interacting with others – thereby picking up learning points about themselves and how their behavior may affect others not like them. They are easy to understand and can be implemented at all levels. It is especially applicable in busy workplaces or in a large group where organizations may not have the budget or the requirement to conduct in-depth personality assessment. Seminar Outline 1. Importance of Relationships Barriers to Building Quality Relationships Keys to Building Quality Relationships 2. The Click! Colours Profiling System A Quick and Easy Way to Understand Behaviour Avoiding Pitfalls of Behaviour Analysis 3. Maximise Personal and Team Potential with Click! Colours Identify your area for greatest growth and potential How to Click! with Different Personality Types 4. Strategic Relationship Development with Click! Colours Boost team relationships, improve communication and customer service Increase effective training, team meetings and project planning Recognise diversity in teams as a strength Seminar Outcomes - Practical tool for understanding diversity - Helps to improve relationships, communication, teamwork, leadership and decision-making - Very simple and easy to use, suitable for workplace, social gathering and at home - Assessment tool is affordable, portable, re-usable - Activity is memorable because the tool is visually engaging, fun to use, incorporate humour and incorporates whole brain thinking - Easy to implement across teams and organisations, creates a common language for teams